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Polyacrylic acid (PAA) is a synthetic polymer that is commonly used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer products. PAA is a highly versatile, water-soluble polymer that can be used as a thickening, emulsifying, binding, and film-forming agent. It is often used in applications such as water treatment, paint, cosmetics, and textiles, among others.

Side Effects:

Generally, PAA is considered to be safe and non-toxic. However, contact with high concentrations of PAA can cause skin and eye irritation. Ingesting or inhaling high concentrations of PAA dust may cause respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms. It’s important to use PAA in proper concentrations, following the recommended guidelines and instructions of the manufacturer.

It’s important to also note that PAA as a polymer could be part of other products and formulations, thus it’s important to read the label, check the ingredients and consult with manufacturer regarding any potential risks.

In rare cases, PAA can cause an allergic reaction. If any side effects occur, it is important to contact a healthcare professional right away.

Medicines Contains Polyacrylic Acic

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